Lodging and Dining Tips for Your Holiday

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No matter if you're looking for a cosy room for two, a holiday flat for a bigger group or the right place to stay at with your familiy - on you'll discover a wide range of housing possibilities in your favoured city!

You can choose between several locations and price ranges. Start your holiday with - for a enjoyable stay at your favourite place.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."
St. Augustine

You enjoy travelling, but you still don't want to do without a comfortable bed and the food you love? You are going to come to a new town for an event or holiday and you are looking for a place to stay within your budget? Don't worry, covers all the information you need for your next journey.

We are going to help you to decide on your lodging type: Find out which kind of hotel or hostel matches your needs and how you can find the perfect hotel. Furthermore, let us introduce you to the tasty world of food and restaurants, including special tips for eating and sleeping in New York City - but even if your travel destination is not the Big Apple, provides a lot of useful information for you. Just look around, enjoy yourself and have a good journey!


Take Your Choice: Half-Board, Full-Board, All Inclusive

If you book a hotel, you have to decide on a meal plan: Do you prefer having lunch in town or are you an all-inclusive type? Read more about the different boards and decide on the perfect option for you.

What to Do when You're Not Satisfied with Your Hotel

If you don't get the room you have initially paid for, it's your right to complain and, in grave cases, have a talk with the general manager.

How to Find the Perfect Hotel

There seem to be millions of perfect hotels when you just type the name of the city you want to visit into a search engine. It's helpful to think of some criteria first.

Hotel, Hostel, Holiday Home - Your Type of Lodging

When you're planning to go on holiday, deciding on a place to stay can be hard. First you should decide on a type of accommodation that fits your needs and your budget.

Five Famous and Magnificent Hotels in San Francisco

You want to see the Golden Gate Bridge, take a ride with one of the famous cable cars and go shopping at Union Square, but you don't know where to stay in San Franciso? Read about the most magnificent hotels in town.

Five Famous and Legendary Hotels in New York City

We tell you about the places where the celebrities and political figures prefer to stay when they visit New York City. These are some of the most famous hotels in town.


Fast Food and Snack Bars

New York is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and boasts a rich culture, which is made obvious by the food it has to offer. For busy New Yorkers or tourists interested in experiencing the city's way of life, many fast food options are available, from cheap snacks on the go to healthier meals or more refined and exotic cuisine. Both affordable and convenient, they are also perfect for visitors on a tight schedule.

Seafood Restaurants and Oyster Bars

Get the taste of the sea! There is a huge variety of places you should really check out in NYC if you are a seafood lover.

Cafés and Coffee Houses

Cafés and coffee houses have become a fundamental part of the American restaurant scene and American culture in general. Especially New Yorkers are crazy for their daily coffee.

Steakhouses and Barbecue Restaurants

If you love meat, it won't be hard to find a tasty place for you to dine in New York City. There are lots of restaurants in town where you can get a perfectly juicy steak for you and the ones you're with.

Chinese, Japanese and Thai Restaurants

An Asian dinner can be so much more than just sushi and spring rolls! Find some inspiration from out tips where to get a delicious Cantonese, Sichuan, Japanese or Thai meal.

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